Chairman's Inaugural Address

Chief Guest of the function Hon’ble Shri O P Goel, Past President, The Institution of Engineers (India), Council Member, Past Chairmen, Past Honorary Secretaries, Member of the Delhi State Centre Committee, Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am privileged & honoured to have been elected to the highest office of the Delhi State Centre-Institution of Engineers (India) for the sessions 2016-18. I wish to thank the members of Delhi State Centre Committee for showing their confidence in me and my abilities and giving me this opportunity. The real challenge lies ahead. I need to uphold the prestige and dignity of the office and also work in the spirit that will fulfill the aspirations of the members – something that can be attained only by one’s ability and commitment but with the support of all the members and blessings of the ALMIGHTY GOD.

Delhi State Centre, is one of the Oldest and most Prestigious Centre of The Institution of Engineers (India), which was established in 1927 as ‘North-West India Centre’ & Later, its name was changed to ‘Delhi State Centre’ with its prime location at ITO. Delhi State Centre has to play lead role in addressing the key issues that are directly impacting the Society and Engineering Profession. This makes my task more daunting.

Challenges for Professional Bodies like The Institution of Engineers (India); which is one of the largest professional body of engineers in India with a membership of nearly 0. 9 million; is rising very fast in view of highly volatile & changing socio-economic environment of the country. Increase in population of Engineer passing out annually, highly recessive Industrial environment, diminishing jobs, intense Global competition etc are some of the key issues which are directly affecting the performance of engineering fraternity at a large.

Now it has become imperative for Professional Bodies to adopt more proactive approach in their functioning in order to cater to the challenges of Current Environment.

In this regard, our future course of Action Plan will comprise of following areas:

a. Future course of technical activities will intensely focus on inculcating the knowledge of latest techniques in the different engineering discipline by way of conducting Workshops, Seminars & Conventions.
b. All engineering divisions will be motivated to organize workshops and conventions.

Delhi State Centre needs to generate its internal resources on a higher scale. Optimizing of our resources capabilities and rationale approach of expenditure shall be our target.

We shall strive hard to organize Factory Visits for our Student Members, in order to expose them to Industrial environment & simultaneously bridge the gap between theoretical understanding & practical implementation. This will definitely assist them in their employment after passing Sec A & B examination of the Institution.

Delhi State Centre Committee fully realizes the responsibility & duties to be discharged to improve the effectiveness of our parent body - The Institution of Engineers (India). Being located in the Capital of Country; our role becomes more crucial. We shall try to develop a system to assist HQs in implementing Council decision in quick & effective manner.

We need to bring back many members who have not been in active contact with the Centre. Settlement of their issues of membership etc will be ensured so that their interest in IEI affair continues.

Delhi is the capital city of India. We have several Universities and Engineering Colleges including IIT. Special efforts will be made to encourage engineering students, working engineers and faculty to become members of the Institution. A network will be establish with faculties of engineering colleges, universities and IIT to organize frequent lectures and seminars on topics of current interests.

Special focus on transparency in day-to-day working of Centre shall be laid to ensure quality services to all in most efficient manner.

I hope to receive full cooperation from my esteemed colleagues and staff at Delhi State Centre. At the end I express my grateful thanks to the dignitaries on the dais and the audience.

Thank You Again.
Date: 25.11.2016

Shri Devendra Gill
Brief Introduction of Chairman