Rules For The Library Membership


  • All Days ( Off- Sunday & Holidays)
  • 11:00 Hrs to 19:30 Hrs Transaction of books

Membership Fee

  • Corporate Members

  • Students and Others (Non-Corporate Member IEI) and Students of Student's Chapters of IEI in various recognised colleges in Delhi.
  • Rs. 1000/- as Security deposit.

  • Rs. 1000/- as Security deposit.

Can take two books and one back dated periodical at a time.

Period of Loan

One month (30 days). Defaulters will be charged a fine @ Rs.5.00 per day / book.


Current periodicals and non-technical books, BIS Specifications, books meant for students reserve section Reference Section, or any other book or restricted publications would not be issued. Inter Library Loans would be strictly curtailed (permission of Head of the Delhi State Centre is necessary).